Additional Support

We provide additional support on the following two classes of insurance:

Logistics and Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance

Logistics operator or freight forwarders almost invariably provide their services on contracts with their principals. Insurance and Indemnity clauses are usually included in such contracts. The policies of these service providers will be reviewed and where necessary additional covers are required. We are able to engage in such contract review with regard to the insurance requirement. Issues which we would consider include the following:

• The indemnity limitation in the contract as against the indemnity term of the insurance policy.
• What cover is necessary for the principal of the service provider or any waiver of subrogation is involved.
• How unexplained loss or stock variance is addressed in the policy.
• Whether the service provider is seen to hold the risk akin to a cargo insurer.

Such contract review would usually lead to insurance extension at additional premium cost. However with need to maintain competitiveness a certain amount of self-insurance may have to be taken and we would assist in providing a better understanding for the service providers to make such decision.

Employees’ Benefits Insurance:

Our vision is to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to our corporate clients in managing their Employee Benefits Program.

We will provide the following value-add services:

• Review and recommend effective employee benefits solutions for our clients
• Ongoing servicing inclusive of claims management, insight detailed analysis of claims behaviour
/ claims utilization
• Availability of an online portal for both HR and Employee for claims submission, claims enquiry and retrieval of policy information
• Regular staff briefings on insured benefits as well as health talks to promote wellness.